Lease agreement TechnipFMC

Lease agreement between Technip Norge AS, FMC Kongsberg Subsea AS and all their affiliates (hereinafter referred to TechnipFMC), and their employees for bike rental


This is an agreement between TECHNIPFMC and the individual employee on the terms and conditions for employee bicycle rental.  

1.     The agreement includes

TECHNIPFMC makes a bicycle available for rental for the employee as agreed in accordance with the offer. The employee must be a permanent employee of TECHNIFMC when the agreement is signed.  

2. Delivery and service

Bicycles are delivered at TECHNIPFMC premises for Lysaker, Kongsberg, Stavanger and Ågotnes. For other locations, delivery location will be agreed between TECHNIPFMC and Bike fixx. . Delivery normally takes place within a couple of weeks after the ordering portal is closed. The employee undertakes to immediately put the bicycle into use, and within 14 days after delivery, report to the bicycle supplier if the received bicycle does not work satisfactorily, or if the employee discovers defects on the bicycle.

3. Duration of the agreement

The bicycle is rented by the employee for a period of 36 months. The agreement applies from the time the employee signs that the bicycle has been received. The agreement is irrevocable for both parties for the entire period, provided that the employment relationship remains, and the parties' obligations are complied with. After 36 months, the employee can either return the bicycle to Personalsykler Norge AS or purchase the bicycle from Personalsykler Norge AS, in accordance with section 6 below. 

4. Salary deduction 

By entering into this agreement, the employee authorizes the employer to make monthly deductions from salary during the agreement period. The first payment is made no earlier than the month after the bicycle has been received by the employee.The net deductions in the monthly salary are in accordance with the offer the employee received in the ordering solution. The amount is deducted automatically from the employee's salary every month for 36 months.          

5. Ownership

The bicycle is leased and is not the employee's property during the contract period. TECHNIPFMC leases the equipment from Personalsykler Norge AS, which has the property rights to the equipment. TECHNIPFMC has the right to transfer the usage to the employee who possesses of the bicycle during the rental period. The employee does not have the right to sell, rent, lend or in any other way transfer his/hers obligations under this agreement with the rights it includes.

6. Termination of the agreement

This agreement is preconditioned that the employee has a permanent employment with TECHNIPFMC. When the agreement period ends after 36 months the employee can request to buy the bicycle from Personalsykler Norge AS for a price corresponding to the current market price.(typically corresponding to one month’s lease) If the employee does not wish to buy the bicycle upon the end of the rental period, the bicycle must be returned in accordance with instructions from Personalsykler Norge AS. Refunds are not given for any additional equipment that the employee has installed himself and that is included when returning it. If the bicycle is returned with defects, non-original parts or wear/vandalism that shows clear abuse of the bicycle, the employee will be required to compensate this amount including parts and service costs. If the employee ends his/hers employment during the agreement period, the employee must inform Personalsykler Norge AS of this as soon as possible by e-mail. The employee must then pay out the balance on the rental. The employee receives an invoice for the remaining amount from Personalsykler Norge AS.

7. Insurance and liability

Personalsykler Norge AS offer to include insurance in their agreements on behalf of the employee at additional cost. If a bicycle is stolen/damaged, the employee must contact Personalsykler Norge AS, or the party Personalsykler Norge AS points to.

8. Service agreement

Service will be provided at Customer premises for Lysaker, Kongsberg, Stavanger and Ågotnes. For other locations, service will be agreed between Customer and Bikefixx. .  In connection with this service, 8 points will be carried out.1. Adjustment/lubrication, check of gears and brakes2. Check tyres, possibly change tires and hose.3. Cleaning and lubrication of the chain and drive mechanism4. Tighten/adjust pedals, saddle and wheels5. Top up air in wheels if necessary6. Check the oil and air pressure in the damper fork7. Update e-bike software8. Point out any faults and/or defects beyond the above which should be rectified on the bicycle in accordance to uphold the warranty, or possibly at the employee's own expense.  BikeFixx will arrange a service facility to employees also outside this agreement. This service will be arranged at the same day Bike Fixx will be at customers premises. The Service cost will follow a stepwise cost structure:-        If Customer leases less than 25 bikes: Cost will be Kr. 400,- per employee, payable at service site-        If Customer leases between 25-50 bikes: Cost will be Kr. 200,- per employee, payable at service site-        If Customer leases more than 50 bikes: Cost will be Kr. 0,- per employee All employees need to cover consumables (brakes, wires etc) used/replaced during service, payable at service site. All employees are entitled to 20% discount on consumables used during service The service cost structure is also applicable for employees with lease agreement.   

9. Faults in the equipment/repairs 

The bicycle supplier provides guarantees in accordance with the manufacturers' conditions during the rental period. All expenses associated with repairs that do not fall under the supplier's warranty liability are covered by the employee. All service inquiries must first be reported to BikeFixx. 

10. Other duties for the employee 

The employee must use the bicycle in the usual careful and responsible manner. The employee is responsible for the bicycle and for any damage or loss, with the exception of normal wear and tear or as otherwise covered under the warranty.

11. Return of bicycle after the end of the rental period

Approximate 90 days prior to lease ends, the employee will be contacted by Personalsykler Norge AS and asked if they wish to buy out or return the bicycle. If the employee wishes to return the bicycle, it must be returned complete with motor, battery, charger and sensor and in a cleaned, original condition. After the end of the rental period, the employee will be responsible for damage to the returned bicycle beyond normal wear and tear/use.

12. Default

If one of the parties' obligations under this agreement is breached, the other party can demand that the breach is corrected within three -3- weeks. If the breach is not rectified within such a period, and the default is significant, the other party may terminate the agreement with immediate effect.


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